Posted by: chenster22 | June 7, 2011

X-Men: First Class review

Question: did you like X-2? I loved X-2 so much I watched the third one at the Cinerama in Seattle and stared aghast at the screen when the torture, I mean, movie was over. I was shocked at how ridiculous the premise, the story, everything. Everything about it sucked. X-3 did to me what Star Wars Episodes I-III (which never happened, in my own warped reality) did to my love of the original trilogy. I still loved X-Men, but X-3 did a good job killing a lot of enthusiasm I had.

I was dragged to see X-Men Origins, but besides Hugh Jackman’s amazing steroid-enhanced physique, it was pretty god-awful as well. A few months back I saw my first teaser trailer for:

It did nothing for me. Seriously, I’m a sucker for good trailers. I’ll watch a movie that will probably suck ass but if the trailer is amazing, I’m way more likely to see it.

The guy from Wanted who could curve bullets is Professor Xavier? Really? Couldn’t they just use Patrick Stewart again and used CGI to make him younger? Granted it seemed like a strategic way to regenerate interest in the X-Men series by rebooting it, but nothing in the trailer stood out to me. Reading more into it as the release date neared, hearing that the director of Kick-Ass (an enjoyable film) was behind the camera swayed me a bit. I went and saw it recently, as I heard a lot of good pre-buzz about it from critics and fans alike.

It was a very fun, good movie to watch. It had the right amount of character development, and the acting by the leads was splendous. It was a little odd seeing Kevin Bacon in it a first, but he walked the thin line between true villain evilness and “Dr. Evil Campy-ness” without crossing into an Austin Powers movie. Professor X was portrayed brilliantly by James McAvoy, with a slight arrogance and great screen presence. Very believable as a younger Professor X.

However, Michael Fassbender stole the show as Magneto. He commanded every scene he was in. His haunting, dark performance fully fleshed out the complex character that is Magneto and made him sympathetic to the audience. The beer scene (my favorite scene) was up there with Joker’s pencil trick in ‘The Dark Knight’ in terms of reaching boss level status and absolute bad-assery. It definitely induced a few hoots and hollers as well as “oh snap!” comments from the audience. (Yes, I’m a sick bastard that likes to cheer for villains in movies… sue me.) Fassbender was able to portray Magneto as the tragic villain that he is.

I don’t want to say too much to give things away, but I highly recommend this film. It’s brilliantly paced, well acted, and most importantly (while we go through a summer of CGI-Infested films) it made you care what happens to the characters in the film. This is one of the aspects of film that’s hard to juggle when our minds can easily tell something is fake and computer generated, and lose human interest in what’s going on. That is the point of movies: to feel, and escape reality and enjoy a tale told through moving pictures.

4.5 out of 5 Stars

I will eventually come up with a spiffy rating system, but for now, stars will do.


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